Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amnesty International condemns Syrian border bombing

AI index: EUR 44/004/2013
13 February 2013
Turkey: Amnesty International condemns Syrian border bombing
Amnesty International condemns the bombing at Turkey’s Cilvegözü border crossing with Syria.
According to reports the explosion occurred at around 3pm on 11 February, killing 14 people including children. Four of the dead are Turkish citizens, 10 are Syrian nationals. The blast also injured more than 20 others, many of whom continue to receive treatment in hospital.
The Cilvegözü border crossing is the main crossing point between Turkey and Syria in the Hatay province and a major route for the passage of humanitarian supplies into Syria. The explosion occurred at a busy area where it would be expected to cause major loss of life.

Indiscriminate attacks of this kind demonstrate contempt for the fundamental principles of international law. As yet, no individual or group has claimed responsibility for the bombing.
Amnesty International calls on the Turkish authorities to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation and bring those responsible to justice in fair proceedings in line with international human rights standards.