Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turkey: UN Country Team Update on Syrian Displacement 6 November 2012

• On November 6,2012, the Government of Turkey reportedthat the official total number of Syrians registered and accommodated in 14 campsestablished inseven provincesincreased to 111,890 personsincluding 723 who are undertakingmedical treatment in the hospitals. According to the official figures since the beginning of the crisis (April 2011) more than 157,000 Syrians arrived in Turkey andsome more than 45,000 have returned to Syria voluntarily.

• Reportedly, during the period of 5-6 November,525 new arrivalswere admitted to Turkey and 161Syrians have returnedto Syria voluntarily. Some of the camps' authorities informed UNHCR that they continued to receive spontaneous new arrivals.

• According to the local authorities, the number of people across the borders of Hatay and Kilis is more than 10,000 and there is no restriction in "open border policy" of the Government of Turkey, those who want to seek asylum are admitted in groups thoughthe process is slow and referred to the camps where there is space available and family unity is taken into consideration. Reportedly basichumanitarian assistance is provided by the Turkish Red Crescent Society at the zero point of the border to those who are waiting at the border however the specific conditions of their stay remains unclear.

• UNHCR Field Team members continue to visit all the camps and provide its technical expertise on protection and camp management to address any challenges as well as observe the voluntary nature of the returns from the camps. During the visits to the camps,UNHCR staff observed that the preparations for winterization of the camps are on going. Electrical radiator heaters have been distrubuted and the camp managements through the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD)started to distribute the metal framed wooden platform pieces to be used underneath of tents to protect from wet ground.

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