Thursday, August 30, 2012

Turkey: UN Country Team Update on Syrian Displacement 29 August 2012

• On August 29, 2012, the Government of Turkey officially reported that the number of Syrians registered and accommodated in the camps including those temporarily placed in the schools and the ones under medical treatment in the hospitals reached to 80,410 persons.

• According to the Government officials during August 28-29, 2012, 1,414 persons of new arrivals registered accommodated in the centers. Reportedly there are no new arrivals waiting at the border on the Turkish side however those who are across the border on the Syrian side will be admitted in smaller groups and transferred to the camps.

• Reportedly the camp in Kahramanmaraş(15,000 capacity) as well as the one in Gaziantep-Karkamış (8,000 capacity) were opened. Currently there are 11 camps including five in Hatay, two in Gaziantep, two in Şanlıurfa, and one in Kahramanmaraş as tent camps and one container city in Kilis are open and additional three camps each with 10,000 capacity (Osmaniye, Gaziantep/Nizip and Adiyaman) are under construction and planned to be opened during September 2012.

• Local authorities informed that the priority will be given to those who are temporarily accommodated in the schools for the placement in the newly opened camps in Karkamış and Kahramanmaraş. Reportedly as of August 29, 2012 there are about more than 20,000 Syrians are temporarily accommodated in seven different provinces.

Turkey: UN Country Team Update on Syrian Displacement 29 August 2012