Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Turkey: UN Country Team Update on Syrian Displacement 27 August 2012

• There is no new figure reported by the Government of Turkey. With the ones who are already on the Turkish side at the border area, estimated total is about 82,000.

• On August 27, 2012, UNHCR was informed that 2,800 persons of 9,100 reportedly waiting at the border were already admitted to the Turkish side (2,000 at Öncüpınar/Kilis and 800 at Yayladağı-Hatay) and waiting to be transferred to one of the camps - most likely to Karkamış. Government authorities informed that the border is not closed for those who are waiting on the Syrian side of the border (6,000+ across Öncüpınar-Kilis) and they will be admitted in smaller groups and placed in the camps which are under construction.

• UNHCR Team was at the border area of Öncüpınar and was informed by the authorities that the Turkish Red Crescent is providing food, water and medical assistance to those who are waiting in the customs area until they are transferred to the camps as well as to the ones who are on the Syrian side during their  admission process. Reportedly the assistance to the ones across the border is delivered at the zero point.

• It was also reported by the Camp officials that 239 persons voluntarily returned from Ceylanpınar camp and 257 persons were