Wednesday, November 23, 2011

UNHCR: Information Notice regarding Syrian Nationals Seeking International Protection

Information Notice regarding Syrian Nationals Seeking International Protection

The Government of Turkey has established a temporary protection regime in Turkey for all
Syrian nationals in need of international protection. The temporary protection regime means that:

A) All Syrian nationals who seek international protection are admitted to the Turkish territory. No Syrian national who is seeking international protection will be sent back to Syria against their will.

B) All Syrian nationals seeking international protection will have to register with the Turkish Government. Registration of Syrian nationals seeking international protection is done by the Turkish Government through the Alien’s Police in Hatay. This is why UNHCR is asking all Syrian nationals seeking international protection to register with the Alien’s Police in Hatay or as otherwise instructed by the national officials.

C) Registration with the national authorities is an important tool for protection as it will enable persons to be covered under the temporary protection regime.

Temporary Protection is a regime elaborated under international refugee law in order to respond to situations of largescale displacement in a context where the situation in the country of origin may be very fluid. It is based around protection principles including admission to territory, protection against refoulement , and safe return to the country of origin when conditions permit or an alternative solution as appropriate. The rationale of the temporary protection regime is based on the need to ensure protection for all those fleeing a particular context without the need for individual assessment of asylum claims with a view to the possibility of return once possible or, if protracted, a move to individual asylum assessment.

In Turkey, the Temporary Protection regime also ensure assistance and access to basic needs such as shelter, food, medical support, education, and so on. Due to the legal safeguards provided under the temporary protection regime, UNHCR will not undertake refugee status determination of Syrian nationals. However, UNHCR will continue to register Syrian nationals in our newcomer program. This basic bio data is shared with the national authorities. UNHCR will not give any documents to Syrian nationals claiming international
protection. However, should anyone seeking international protection want to seek guidance from UNHCR or inform UNHCR of any protection concerns, the normal phone and counseling services are available to all.

The above is applicable for Syrian nationals and for persons habitually residing in Syria who are also in need of international protection, i.e. Palestinian nationals registered in Syria.

For refugees ex‐Syria (Iraqis, Iranians, Somalis and Afghans, etc), they will be registered with UNHCR in Turkey as well as the national authorities. They will be directed to satellite cities designated by MOI as per regular procedures. They will NOT be referred to Hatay. They are not under temporary protection and they will therefore continue to be processed in the standard manner.

BO Ankara
23 November 2011

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