Friday, January 18, 2013

Two thousands Syrian babies were born in camps

Since the Syrians began entering Turkey, 2,026 Syrian babies were born within Turkey.

According to the Turkish Prime Ministry Public Diplomacy Coordinator's Office (KDK), 15 lodging sites were established for 157,490 Syrian refugees in Turkey.

25,000 tents were set up for Syrians in Turkey. 4,053 containers are serving the Syrian refugees in Turkey.
30,000 Syrians waiting at zero point at the Turkish-Syrian border receive daily meals provided by Turkey.

Around 3,000 Turkish personnel work at the Syrians's camps. To date, Turkey has spent 609.5 million Turkish liras (approx. 342.4 million USD) for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

34 ambulances are present at the camps of Syrian refugees. 143 expert doctors, 553 general practitioners, and 1,089 health personnel serve the Syrian camps.

So far, 606,214 Syrians have made use of polyclinic services. 8,770 Syrians received medical surgery in Turkey to date.

The number of Syrian babies born in Turkey was 2,026. 954 Syrian mothers are expecting babies in camps.
Turkey is also providing educational services to the Syrian refugees. 30,250 Syrian students are receiving education from 345 Turkish and 833 Arabic teachers in 362 classrooms.

"90 percent of Iranian people against Assad"

Meanwhile, Chairman of the World Muslim Scholars, Yusuf al-Qaradawi said on Friday that the majority of the Iranian people were against administrations supporting the Assad regime.

Delivering a Friday's khutbah at Doha's Omar bin Hattab Mosque, Yusuf al-Qaradawi the number of Iranian people supporting the killing of Syrian people would not surpass 10 percent of the whole Iranian population.
Criticizing countries supporting the Assad regime, al-Qaradawi underlined that the Syrian people would gain a victory soon.

"The anniversary of the January 25 revolution in Egypt is getting closer. I invite the whole population of Egypt to celebrate the revolution next Friday," al-Qaradawi noted.

"We want next Friday to be a day of brotherhood, love and solidarity as was witnessed during the revolution. We do not want Egyptians to alienate themselves from each other and make show of force to each other," al-Qaradawi also said.