Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Turkey: UN Country Team Update on Syrian Displacement 29 October 2012

• Official numbers reportedby the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD)on October 17, 2012remained the same (101,834) however according to the information note of AFAD dated October 29,2012 shared by the Regional Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) the total figures increased to106,497which is about 17 % increase during the month of Octoberand 210 % increase in fourmonths(since end of June 2012). Reportedly since the beginning of the crisis (April 2011) to date more than 150 thousand Syrians were admitted and registered and more than 44,000 have returned to Syria. According to the information note during 28-29 October,549 new arrivalswere admitted and registered while 103 Syrians returnedto Syria voluntarily. UNHCR Field Team continued to observe the voluntary returns of the Syrians in the camps.

• As of October 29,2012, about 105,764 Syrians are registered and accommodated in 14 camps in sevenprovinces and 733 Syrians are undertakingmedical treatment in various hospitals. According to the authorities, the second camp in Akçakale so called the expansion of the existing one had already started to admit the new arrivals, and two more camps are under construction in Gazinatep (Nizip-2) and Şanlıurfa (Harran) which both are being built as container sites.

• The MFA Regional Representative informed that the borders are open and those who would like to seek asylum are admitted although the process is slow. However,there are more than 10,000 Syrians on the Syrian side across the borders of Kilis and Hatay. They are provided humanitarian assistance at the zero point of the border by the Turkish Red Crescent. It remains unclear exactly how many people there are, the specific conditions of their stay, and the procedures in place to advance their processing where they are seeking to enter Turkey for protection.