Tuesday, July 31, 2012

44.038 Syrian Citizens Have Been In Our Country (PRESS RELEASE - JULY 31, 2012)


(JULY 31, 2012)


              As of today, 44.038 Syrian Citizens have been sheltered in 8 tent cities and a container city established by Prime Ministry AFAD.

              5 tent cities in Hatay, 2 tent cities in Şanlıurfa, a tent city in Gaziantep and a container city in Kilis, has a capacity to shelter 12.000 people, have been established by our Presidency.

              In response to displacement lived due to the interior conflicts in Syria, camps have been established in 4 cities and all kind of humanitarian relief for  more than 70.000 Syrian Citizens have been supplied by Prime Ministry AFAD until today.

              It has been provided services such as sheltering, food, health, security, social activities, education, worship, translatorship, communication, banking and other services in tent cities and containers by related organizations and institutions within the coordination of our Presidency.

              Our Presidency, which is authority organization to conduct cooperation in time of national and international disaster and emergencies on behalf of our country, has conducted the coordination in tent cities and container city.

             The camps, have been established with allocation provided by our Presidency, include schools, mosques, centers of commercial, police and medical, press brifing agency, playing field for children, units for watching TV, reservoir, purification center, transformers and generators.

             Hot meals for Syrian Citizens have been supplied three times a day in tent cities and container city.

             Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Beşir ATALAY with the representative of UN and UN Mr. Kofi ANNAN and many national and international executives examined in tent cities of Hatay Province and container city of Kilis Province.

             On July 30 - 31, 2012, 525 Syrian Citizens went into our country and 532 Citizens voluntarily returned to their country.

              •Until today, 73.587 Syrian Citizens have gone into our country.

              •Until today, 29.549 Citizens returned to their country.

              •As of today, 10.808 Syrian Citizens in Hatay, 7.502 Citizens in Gaziantep (Nurdağı-Islahiye), 12.032 Citizens in Kilis and 13.337 Citizens in Şanlıurfa (Ceylanpınar) have being sheltered in our country. (Total number is 43.679)

              •359 people have been in hospitals, 320 of whom are injured and patients.

             •Included the injured and patients, the total number of Syrian Citizens in our country is 44.038

             Preschool, primary and secondary education has being provided for 4.511 Syrian children and youth in total ( with 35 classes for 805 students in Hatay, 420 of them are girls and 385 are boys,  with 64 classes for 2.690 students in Kilis, with 4 preschools and 4 classes for 416 students in Gaziantep and with 12 classes for 600 stundents in Şanlıurfa.)

            Deep respect and appreciate.

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