Thursday, December 6, 2012

AFAD: Number of Syrian refugees in Turkey reaches 132,920

The Prime Ministry's Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) has announced that the country is currently hosting 132,920 Syrian refugees who have fled the 20-month civil war in their country.

In a written statement released on Monday, AFAD noted that the total number of refugee camps in Turkey is 13: five tent cities in Hatay province, three in Gaziantep, two in Şanlıurfa and one each in Kahramanmaraş, Osmaniye and Adıyaman. There is also a container city with the capacity to shelter 12,000 Syrians in the southern Kilis province.

The statement also said that Syrian citizens taking shelter in Turkey have been provided with lodging, food and security as well as access to social activities, education and religious, translation and telecommunication services.

Syrian refugees at the camps are provided with three meals a day, the statement added.
According to the statement, the total number of Syrians to enter Turkey since the start of the uprising has reached 187,017 -- 54,097 of whom have returned to Syria. There are 12,687 Syrian refugees living in Hatay; 23,838 in Gaziantep; 13,746 in Kilis; 52,015 in Şanlıurfa; 15,549 in Kahramanmaraş; 7,914 in Osmaniye; and 6,517 in Adıyaman. There are also 654 Syrians in Turkish hospitals: 552 as patients and 102 who are accompanying the sick.