Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As of today, 59.710 Syrian Citizens have been sheltered...


(AUGUST 13, 2012)


              As of today, 59.710 Syrian Citizens have been sheltered in 8 tent cities, 1 temporary reception centre and a container city established by Prime Ministry AFAD.

              5 tent cities in Hatay, 2 tent cities in Şanlıurfa, a tent city in Gaziantep and a container city in Kilis, has a capacity to shelter 12.000 people, have been established by our Presidency.

              In response to displacement lived due to the interior conflicts in Syria, camps have been established in 4 cities and all kind of humanitarian relief for  more than 90.000 Syrian Citizens have been supplied by Prime Ministry AFAD until today.

                 Apart from camp centers, Syrian Nationals have been also sheltered in regional boarding schools, dormitories, gymnasiums in Kilis, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras, Adana and Osmaniye untill the establishment of new tent cities.

              On the other hand, the studies for establishment of tent cities in Gaziantep, Karkamış, Gaziantep, Nizip, Kahramanmaraş City Center, Osmaniye-Cevdediye have been ongoing in order to settle the Syrian Nationals coming.
              It has been provided services such as sheltering, food, health, security, social activities, education, worship, translatorship, communication, banking and other services in tent cities and containers by related organizations and institutions within the coordination of our Presidency.

              Our Presidency, which is authority organization to conduct cooperation in time of national and international disaster and emergencies on behalf of our country, has conducted the coordination in tent cities and container city.

             The camps, have been established with allocation provided by our Presidency, include schools, mosques, centers of commercial, police and medical, press brifing agency, playing field for children, units for watching TV, reservoir, purification center, transformers and generators.

             Hot meals for Syrian Citizens have been supplied three times a day in tent cities and container city.        

             On August 11 - 13, 2012, 4.116 Syrian Citizens went into our country and 35 Citizens voluntarily returned to their country.

              •Until today, 90.999 Syrian Citizens have gone into our country.

              •Until today, 31.289 Citizens returned to their country.

              •As of today, 10.878 Syrian Citizens in Hatay, 8.029 people in Gaziantep ( 977 of whom are in schools, dormitories and gymnasiums), 14.228 people in Kilis (2.115 of whom are in schools and dormitories), 21.402 people in Şanlıurfa have been sheltered. Furthermore, it has been temporarily put 1.904 people in Kahramanmaraş, 2.000 people in Adana, 821 people in Osmaniye up. In total, the figure reaches 59.262.

              •448 people have been in hospitals, 398 of whom are injured and patients.

             •Included the injured and patients, the total number of Syrian Citizens in our country is 59.710.        

            Deep respect and appreciate.

                                                                                Press and Public Relations Consultancy