Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Revised Syria Regional Response Plan - UNHCR June 2012

On 23 March 2012, seven UN agencies and 28 NGO partners, in close consultation with the refugee hosting Governments of Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey, presented the inter‐agency Syria Regional Response Plan, requesting US $84.1 million to address the humanitarian needs of Syrian refugees for a period of six months through September 2012.

The continuous unrest in the Syrian Arabic Republic (Syria) has had a direct impact on the neighbouring countries. Since March 2012, Syrian refugees have continued to cross the border points at an average rate of more than 500 per day, bringing the current number of Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey to over 90,000 people. Over 75 per cent of these refugees are women and children.

The dramatic surge in refugee numbers, which far surpass the planning assumptions of the March 2012 Regional Response Plan, has prompted humanitarian actors to revise the Response Plan.

The revised Syria Regional Response Plan extends the planning period from March to December 2012 and requests that the international community provide US$ 193,222,611 in support of 185,000 Syrian refugees anticipated by the year’s end.

The remarkable generosity and hospitality offered to Syrian refugees by the neighbouring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey continue to form the basis of efforts to ensure international protection and assistance. The borders of all neighbouring countries remain open, providing safe and secure environments for tens of thousands of refugees. It is also important to note their respect of the nonrefoulement principle. Demonstrating international solidarity and support to the neighbouring countries is vital in order to ensure burden‐sharing and support to the hosting Governments and communities.

The revised Plan is a result of the coordinated efforts of 44 international and national agencies involved in the refugee response, under the leadership and coordination of UNHCR. This revision of the Regional Response Plan builds on what has already been implemented, as well as on‐going assessment and best practices. It is geared towards ensuring that the protection and assistance needs of Syrian refugees are appropriately addressed until the end of 2012, in a manner that also benefits the hosting communities.

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